Seeds of Hope, Visions of sustainability, steps towards change

A joint initiative of SGI and the Earth Charter International

The "Seeds of Hope" exhibition stresses our interconnectedness with the rest of the community of life and the need to broaden our sphere of compassion and concern. It encourages viewers to overcome feelings of powerlessness and highlights the fact that a single individual can initiate positive change. It also introduces the positive vision for sustainable living expressed in the Earth Charter, and gives examples of eight individuals and groups who have successfully taken action for change, from Africa to the Arctic and Eastern Europe.

The message "It starts with one" is key--the slogan that the Earth Charter International have chosen for their "Earth Charter Plus 10" campaign in 2010.
The "Seeds of Hope" exhibition contains 24 panels, including one left blank with a simple tree design so viewers can attach their own statement of what they will do toward sustainability.

If you have an event that you feel would benefit from this exhibition, Action for Change has a full version for use in Scotland, so please contact us to discuss your idea.