Community Engagement is at the heart of every community activity, without it no vision or plan for a more sustainable and resilient community can hope to succeed.


2010/2011 Funding was from the Climate Challenge Fund (£17,900 for 9 month project), Simply Local facilitated community mapping events to identify and take forward projects that would lower the carbon footprint of local residents. We had a part time development worker for this. The outcomes and additional funding from this were:
  • Scottish Natural Heritage funded Feasibility Study for a community garden (£8000)
  • A newly constituted group set up by local residents to take forward the community garden project which has been set up within the grounds of the Scottish Police College. (£6000 grant from Fife Council and Central Scotland Green Network)
  • Kincardine Community Association set up a community café two days a week in the community centre providing training and volunteering opportunities to local people, providing healthy, affordable meals and internet café facilities (£9500 from Awards for All).
  • The Kincardine Community Association, supported by Action for Change, is becoming a Company Ltd by Guarantee and a Charity called Kincardine Community Development Trust.
  • A feasibility study for a wood fuel and job creation initiative at Blairhall Bings.